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CarClicks Integrates Autobytel Direct, Powered by AutoWeb, to Traffic Network

Considered as one of the most efficient digital advertising and linking programs in the auto industry, CarClicks has partnered with Autobytel Inc., to integrate its Autobytel Direct product powered by AutoWeb’s high-quality traffic to CarClicks’ existing automotive network. CarClicks, a product of Automotive Internet Media, Inc. (AIM), provides valuable auto shopper traffic to hundreds of dealerships across the country. CarClicks promotes dealership inventory online to in-market auto shoppers and links them directly to the vehicle display pages of the dealership website to help dealers sell more cars, trucks, and SUVs. “Online automotive has evolved and the need for digital agencies
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GORILLAS ARE ENDANGERED Did you know in recent years the gorilla populations have experienced habitat loss, different diseases, poaching and even abuse by local car dealerships?  Gorillas are considered endangered, and if you’re reading this with a gorilla outside your window, you may want to hear our solution. AIM’s CarClicks program allows you to help these endangered gorillas all while bringing more auto shoppers through your doors.  Promote your dealership and inventory with the most efficient advertising program in the auto industry. Rely on CarClicks to get more traffic to your dealership with conquest email marketing, instead of gorillas persuading
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