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This is no blind challenge. We want to prove that CarClicks products are the most effective inventory marketing products in the automotive industry.

Compare CarClicks products to your current VIN marketing campaigns and you’ll discover why more dealers are choosing CarClicks inventory marketing products.

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CarClicks has revolutionized the way automotive digital advertising can be delivered. It has enabled dealerships to be precise in how and whom they target and improve how effectively they manage their ad budget.

To reach auto shoppers with marketing in today’s digital climate, dealerships need highly accurate and relevant advertising campaigns.

CarClicks is building the highest performing inventory marketing platform in the automotive industry.

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Enjoy the broadest reach and greatest visibility across the web, mobile, video and social. We have the largest network of premium publishers in the automotive industry. CarClicks automatically optimizes your advertising to the most engaged audience.

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Get in front of MORE highly-engaged, serious auto shoppers with the right inventory ad at the right time. We will enhance your VIN level engagement, drive higher quality results and will prove it!

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Why pay more when you don’t have to. ROI is important, so our affordable prices ensure you have made a cost-effective decision. No other product will drive as many quality auto shoppers to your website. You only pay for results.




On balance, the volume, quality and performance of the website traffic will significantly surpass the dealership investment.

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