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Dale Pollack Predicts in 16 Years There Will Only Be 26 Dealer Groups After Mass Consolidation!

    Dale Pollack predicts in 16 years there will only be 26 dealer groups after mass consolidation! AIM recently attended an event at the Chicago Automobile Trade Association that featured Dale Pollak, Executive Vice President for Cox Automotive, as the keynote speaker. He provided an abundance of information to help dealers navigate the automotive industry today as well as he made some bold predictions based on analysis conducted by Cox Automotive about the future. In addition to mass dealership consolidation, Pollak projects that the automotive industry will constrict by six million sales by the year 2034. His reasoning for
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Buying VDP Views Works if Done Right

Driving auto shoppers to your website is the cornerstone of all successful digital marketing strategies for auto dealers. However, this position has some dealers wondering whether linking the shopper to their vehicle display pages is a good use of their advertising spend. Non-progressive dealers have been on the losing side of this battle for the past few years. The value of increasing auto shoppers to your website without the ability to track them back to a specific lead has caused some dealers not to understand the value of inventory marketing. Many of these naysayers do not truly understand the value
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