Data Driven Targeting

Data Driven Targeting

Inventory-based Advertising Powered by Data


Audience Creation

We map your site and conduct a click stream analysis of every visitor on your site. We target the most relevant, Auto Shoppers and bring them back to convert.


Media Buy

Premium websites matter. DDT allows dealerships to promote their dynamic inventory ads on premium sites to achieve better results.



DDT enables website performance to soar and conversion rates to double.

CarClicks - Data Driven Targeting

Drive deeper connections, get better results. DDT brings back auto shoppers to your website that are ready to buy driving sales from visitors that shop your inventory and leave your website. DDT brings them back... to convert.

There are no templates here all our ads are created
based on the auto shoppers interest.

It's 100% unique and dynamic based on the vehicles that are in the shoppers' consideration set.

Example Ads

Largest Network of Premium Publishers in Automotive

One Solution for All Your Targeting Needs


Re-Engage Mobile Devices


Personalized Inventory Ads


On Premium Publisher Sites


In the News Feed and Beyond

Tap into the power of the DDT engine to deliver custom ads tailored for each auto shopper to boost conversions on your website.

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