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AIM’s Pay-Per-Click Marketing Gets You to the Top

Increase auto shopper traffic to your website through paid search engine advertising.

PPC advertising is the cornerstone of paid search, and paid search allows potential car buyers to find your inventory and dealership. Through paid search, you have the opportunity to market your inventory and dealership alongside organic results in all major search engines, and with proper keywords, ads, and targeting, you can win traffic that you might not win organically.

We believe driving auto shoppers directly to vehicle display pages for the inventory you have on your lot is the most effective use of your advertising spend.

Proprietary Program (software + people = success)

Our Advanced Automotive Marketing Platform (AAMP) was built from the ground up with one thing in mind – driving auto shoppers to vehicles. Our award-winning software platform updates your inventory daily from your website, and dynamically builds ads for your vehicles to display on Google and Bing.

Any dealership can pay for clicks. Smart dealerships pay for strategy.

All our pay-per-click clients can expect the following:

Rebuild your strategy from scratch: Whether talking over older or current campaigns, we rebuild them from scratch. Our industry research and experience allow us the develop a unique strategy for your dealership to help you stand out from your competitors to close more car sales.

Develop campaign structure: We will create campaigns based on broad themes (make, models, areas, competitors, etc.). Each campaign will contain ad groups, which contain keywords that tie to your text ads and direct to specific landing and inventory pages. We work with our dealers to determine the amount of ad spend to budget for each campaign. All campaigns are fluid based on inventory levels, promotions, etc.

Comprehensive keyword research: We ensure your ads show up for the RIGHT searches by completing thorough keyword research for your dealership and brand and by monitoring your campaign’s performance closely.

Effective ad creation: We leverage our AAMP software and our skilled professionals to produce the most effective ads that get the highest click-through rates & conversions.

Landing page conversion optimization: If need be, we will create a landing page on your website tailored especially for the terms and inventory being searched.

Bid strategy: To get the best performance from your budget, it’s important to have a bidding strategy. Bidding to high will result in overspending and setting a bid too low will result in no clicks. We leverage data to help us make the best decisions to keep your CPC’s low and your impressions, click through rates and conversions high.

Constant Optimization & Tracking: We are not a set-it-and-forget-it agency. Our weekly analysis and optimization lead to growth. By leveraging our sophisticated AAMP software, our team will never run out of ways to improve your campaigns and performance.

What makes our PPC Program Unique

Each of our PPC Managers are Google AdWords certified. Our team of experts maximizes every dollar by leveraging our proprietary AAMP technology to build, monitor and optimize your custom campaigns to ensure just the right balance between the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. Our strategic know-how and dealership-centered approach ensure you receive customized pay-per-click management services that exceed your dealership needs and expectations.

Additionally, most PPC management companies charge a management fee and mark up your dealership ad spend. In many cases, you are charged twice without even noticing it. With AIM, we only charge a management fee.

Let Us Look Under the Hood

Free Pay-Per-Click Audit

If you’re wondering how effective your current pay per click campaigns are managed, we’ll be happy to conduct a free audit. Our analysis will share how your campaigns are performing and see what parts are holding you back from achieving the optimal results.

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