Email Marketing

Reach Customers with Personalized Messages Right to Their Inbox.

AIM’s email program delivers custom content with your dealership’s message to specialized sending segments.

Conquest Customers

Spread your messaging to new consumers who are likely to buy a vehicle. We build you a custom list from our database of millions of opt-in users. Then we strategically design creatives highlighting your most attractive offers. When it’s time to send we monitor your campaigns to ensure a successful delivery.

A Custom Approach

You are unique, why shouldn’t your emails be too? Whether emailing conquest consumers or your most loyal customers, we build emails specifically for your target audience incorporating your brand and any co-op requirements. Plus not only are our emails visually appealing, they are built easily enter inboxes and drive high engagement.

Past Customers

Reach those who already know your dealership with special messages driving them to re-engage with your brand. We tailor messages to specialized segments to drive high click-through rates.

Monthly Newsletters

Highlight the latest industry and brand news while focusing on your current incentives.

Trade Up Campaigns

Target consumers ready to trade in their current vehicle to a new model.

Service Campaigns

Reach customers most likely to return to your dealership for auto maintenance.

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