Inventory Marketing

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New Customers To Your Site

Put your inventory in front of new consumers every day! CarClicks increases the number of conquest visitors to your website.

Buy at Any Scale with No Minimum Ad Spend!

Deliver scalable inventory marketing campaigns to in-market buyers across a network
of 3rd party automotive shopping sites and search engines.

Why Leverage CarClicks Inventory Marketing?

Increase Inventory Exposure

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Efficient and Cost Effective

Unlike other inventory marketing platforms, CarClicks is performance based. Meaning, we promote your inventory to in-market auto shoppers and link them directly to the vehicle display pages of the vehicle being considered. The dealership is only charged when we link an in-market auto shopper to your website.

Quality Traffic and Seasoned Network

The amount of traffic to your website is important but our number one goal is to drive quality traffic to our clients

Month to Month

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- Real Results -

Proof That CarClicks Has Helped Hundreds of Dealerships Sell More Cars, Trucks, and SUVs

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CarClicks Inventory Marketing is a great product to reach low-funnel, in-market auto shoppers. Allocate a specific portion of your ad budget to drive inventory exposure to reach the most auto shoppers for the lowest cost per click. Add CarClicks to your marketing strategy. Stretch your ad budget, promote your inventory to more shoppers and sell more vehicles!

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