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Breaking Down the Difference: CarClicks vs. Traditional Pay Per Click Marketing

You may be wondering if you have a CarClicks account, do you really need a pay per click presence, or vice versa? Or, do you even need either of these advertising mediums? We recommend having both, and not because CarClicks is our product! The benefits will outweigh the costs, and you will sell more cars. It’s that simple. We’ll break down the two strategies so it’s easier to understand the differences, as it can get kind of confusing when you start hearing acronyms like PPC, CPC, SRP, and VDP. We’re confident you’ll see why each of these services will be
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Why It Is Important to Drive Traffic to Your Own Website

There are many tools on the Internet to provide visibility for your dealership, but the key outlet is your website. Therefore, driving traffic to it is very important. No visitors mean no sales from that channel. And with so many people using the Internet every day you could be missing out on countless potential buyers. Visitors directed to your own site, rather than another website you are listed on, are more valuable. These people have the opportunity to look through multiple pages, submit their information, or click-to-chat with a salesperson. Once you get their information, you can market to them
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Three Reasons Why You Need CarClicks

You need to sell more cars, trucks, and SUV’s– This is the goal for every dealership and CarClicks can help by driving in-market auto shoppers directly to the vehicle display pages of your dealership website, for LESS than our competition! You need to get more from your advertising dollars – You’re spending a lot of money on advertising and not getting enough traffic. CarClicks is cost effective – at only $2.25 a customer, you can spend less money and generate more quality traffic. You pay for performance, not placement. You need flexibility with your advertising – You don’t want to
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