The Secret Tools Advertisers Use to Follow You

The Secret Tools Advertisers Use to Follow You

YOU’VE PROBABLY SEEN magicians doing magic tricks and wondered how the hell they do them. The golden rule of magic is to never reveal the secret of the trick or how it’s done. There is simply no benefit or gain in sharing the secret, in fact it kills the magic and you will not be able to perform the effect again.

Advertisers aren’t as disciplined as magicians. It’s easy to learn that most retargeting programs add cookies (tiny snippets of data) to the shoppers’ browser which changes the way the browser interacts with certain pages (websites). This is how they follow you.

Now you know the secret of most advertisers but what you didn’t learn was the secret of highly effective marketing programs like Data Driven Targeting.

The secret is understanding the power of dynamic inventory ads and how it makes static display advertising obsolete. The trick is about integrating dynamic and personalized ads into your marketing strategy. It may sound expensive, but Data Driven Targeting makes dynamic advertising affordable even for car dealerships.

Ultimately, Data Driven Targeting creates a personalized advertising experience for every auto shopper. So instead of everyone who lands on your site seeing the same thing, each individual will see something different depending on how they interacted with your website.  Some shoppers may not even be served ads because our “secret” algorithm indicated they are not in the market for a vehicle. The future lies in marketing where we know enough about each customer to make relevant and custom ads to each shopper.

Of course, as with any unfamiliar trick or technology, learning about methods and implementation can be challenging, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Understanding the benefits and how Data Driven Targeting works is relatively straightforward. To learn the secret of Data Driven Targeting is easy. Just complete the contact us page to schedule a 20-minute demo.

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