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Is Your Website the Best it Could Be?

10 REASONS WHY OUR WEBSITES ARE THE BEST IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY: 1. Simplicity, Navigability, Usability We don’t make users think. We make it obvious and self-explanatory for shoppers on how to use the site. 2. White Space and Design Complex sites are harder to read, scan and use. Our designs make it easy for a consumer to shop for your inventory. Our goal is to showcase your inventory, products and services. 3. Increased Conversion By minimizing friction and implementing clear, easy to use lead forms our sites will help you generate more leads. 4. Searchability Our simple search tool
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4 Things to Know When Developing a Website

  1. Purpose When creating a website, the most important thing that must be distinguished from day one is the purpose behind creating the website. For example, if the website is for displaying car inventory, then the website should be designed with that in mind. If the website is being created to serve as a blog, then the website should be built differently than a car inventory website would, such as the type of platforms or how the navigation is laid out. 2. Navigation Every website should be using the three click method. The three click method means that a
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The dos and don’ts of creating effective website banners

With deals changing every few weeks in the automotive world, you have keep your website banners updated by displaying  your offers clearly while using the best graphics. If not, the viewer may be less likely to stay on your website or give you their business. People nowadays start their car search online before anything else, so it’s important to keep all your deals updated. Be timely. Although some dealers may not get their monthly deals from the OEM until a few days into each month, it’s important to make sure your dealership is removing deals off your site when they expire.
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