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A Better Search with JSON-LD

What JSON-LD Can Do for Your Marketing If you have heard of Schema, then you have probably heard of the new format, JSON-LD or should we say the much, much easier format of Schema. We can help you figure out what it is, how it helps and how Google uses it.  Get a better search with JSON-LD. How it works: If you have sat and added Schema to your website pages, blogs, etc. you know how time consuming it can be. However, rest assured that the new Java Script Object Notation for Linked Data (JSON-LD), is here to cut down
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Top 3 Tips to Take Your Email Marketing from 0 to 60

Email marketing is an important tool for dealerships to utilize to reach customers. Here are the top 3 tips from Automotive Internet Media to get the most out of your email marketing. 1. Consider your Subject Line What would entice someone to open your email? The subject should describe the contents, but also be appealing to make the recipient want to read more. It is also important to avoid words that may make your message seem like spam. 2. Update your Database Make sure your email list isn’t stale. This will ensure a majority of your emails are deliverable and
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Automotive Internet Media Saved Endangered Gorillas

  In recent decades the gorilla populations have been affected by habitat loss, disease, poaching and abuse by local car dealerships. Gorillas are our closest living relatives after chimpanzees and bonobo. Gorillas are considered endangered and there have been extreme measures taken to protect these mammals from extinction. Car dealers across the country have been using gorillas to promote their dealership and inventory. Over the past few years, auto dealers have faced a flurry of accusations about overworked and underpaid gorillas in their marketing departments. According to a gorilla protection group, car dealers have used gorillas to stand in front
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