What JSON-LD Can Do for Your Marketing

If you have heard of Schema, then you have probably heard of the new format, JSON-LD or should we say the much, much easier format of Schema. We can help you figure out what it is, how it helps and how Google uses it.  Get a better search with JSON-LD.

How it works:

If you have sat and added Schema to your website pages, blogs, etc. you know how time consuming it can be. However, rest assured that the new Java Script Object Notation for Linked Data (JSON-LD), is here to cut down on the time spent optimizing your web content. Basically, JSON-LD is an easy way to give your pages rich snippets by adding the basic JSON-LD code to your page. Literally, it is a copy, paste and insert process. If you think of linking within content, it is the same process when linking data with JSON-LD.

Rich Snippets:

Here’s an example: as we type in a certain make or model car into our Google search bar, results appear which are populated snippets. These snippets are generated by Schema or the new simple format, JSON-LD and are considered “rich snippets”. Some of these rich snippets that appear may even have images included.

Don’t Wait to Get Started:

Need help getting started with JSON-LD or don’t know where to start when optimizing your content or products on your website? We can help! See how we can take your dealership’s marketing to the next level with full-service marketing including the new JSON-LD format.

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