Chicago IL, March 30, 2012 – Automotive Internet Media launches to cover breaking news and current events in the automotive industry. The site will focus on all aspects of the retail side of the industry with a concentration on technology and other automotive news.

The site was launched to provide a single destination to cover the latest news, emerging technologies, new products and services, whitepapers, and other helpful information for the automotive industry. The site will aggregate multiple channels of content while also having a fun feel to it.

“The site will have a “Wiki” feel to it,” said Tony French, President of Automotive Internet Media. “We will let people and companies provide content on the site. If a company wants to publish a press release on something that interesting to the industry we’ll provide a vehicle to help get the word out. If someone wants to publish and promote a whitepaper that can help dealers become better operators, we’ll promote that as well.” will be an online destination that weaves in social conversations and promoted by email marketing. The objective of “AIBuzz” is to create a nonbiased social website that brings together people within the automotive industry. AIBuzz’s main focus will be on the automotive industry but routinely provide other news worthy business content to our readers.

“The launch of Buzz is a natural next step for AIM,” continued French. “Our team runs many consumer sites like,, and more. We also provide digital marketing services to many dealerships around the country. We thought it was time to combine our digital marketing insights and launch a site that provides the best technology related news and information to the auto industry.”

Companies are encouraged to send their press releases to to be released on the site and through email marketing.

About Automotive Internet Media, Inc.

Automotive Internet Media, Inc., headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is a premier integrated media and lead distribution company. AIM encompasses an integrated network of highly specialized consumer websites that leverages search engine optimization to drive online traffic and connects digital advertising with their clients’ brand objectives. With a solid foundation for growth, AIM is simultaneously building its current brands while continuing to grow through launching and managing other properties and providing digital marketing and SEO services to automotive dealerships.

For additional information please contact Tony French at or visit

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