The old way – the new way.

1. Third party automotive site traffic is more engaged and ready to buy.

Shoppers visit automotive shopping sites knowing exactly what they want. Once they click the vehicle to learn more we link them directly to your website.

2. Indirect Traffic Matters.

Linked traffic – these are the clicks straight from an automotive shopping site which is critical to getting more in-market auto shoppers to your site.

3.Inventory exposure drives conversion.

When auto shoppers interact with inventory pages on your website, their consideration sets, narrowing down the vehicle choices and are much more likely to interact with your dealership. They become more committed to shopping your dealership’s website in the future.

CarClicks is the new way to leverage automotive shopping sites to drive high quality traffic to dealership websites, which in return you sell more cars, trucks and SUVs.

It only takes 15 minutes to learn more about the best value in automotive marketing. Call David Lewis to schedule your demo today!


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