Social Media is no longer just a suggested trend in the world of Automotive – it’s expected! From deciding where to get their vehicles serviced to shopping around for a new car, customers are turning to social now more than ever to make a highly researched and informed decision. So to help you out, AIM put together some of the best social tips and tricks that we used here in 2015.
1. Facebook Services
First, we’ll let you in on a HUGE secret. It’s no mystery that Facebook holds significant clout when it comes to Social Media. With 1.1 billion ACTIVE users alone, it’s a great tool to not only advertise to your customers, but to keep in touch and join the conversation. However, starting just last month, Facebook quietly began testing a site to rival Yelp, It takes the highest rated local businesses with Facebook reviews and ratings, and compiles them into one easy to use interface. But how do we know that it’s going to be big? Just look at the numbers. Yelp stock has already dropped 9% since the quiet Facebook Services release. It’s now more important than ever to make sure your Facebook business page is updated, relevant, and monitored daily to respond to requests, tend to negative reviews, and to continue to build your audience and customer base.
2. The more unique the better
You don’t want your profiles to seem like they’re ran by robots, and be sure to avoid all spam and automated services! Instead, get photos, videos, and customer involvement whenever possible. Staff member have a birthday? Be sure to share it! Somebody bring a pet into the office? Share that too! Will you be part of or sponsoring any local events? Be sure everybody knows! We’ve also seen dealers take great photos of customers with their new vehicles, and have great success encouraging them share the photo with their family and friends, and tag themselves. It’s quick and easy free promotion for your business – what more could you ask for?
3. Everybody loves contests and coupons
Your customers love saving money, and participating in competitions! Use your social media channels to offer special coupons on parts and services, or use a coupon as a prize in a contest surrounding auto trivia, dealership trivia, photo contests on Instagram, or any other contest you can think of!
Like these tips but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you don’t have time in your day to keep up or even think about starting? That’s where we come in. Let AIM take care of it all for you. We’ll do the work, you take the credit and get all the sales. Join our list of happy full-service clients, and contact us today!

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